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Richard Miles Jackman

Songs of the Night

- Nighttime
( 1:41 )
- Snowdrifts
( 2:57 )
- Water-lilies
( 2:13 )
- City
( 2:08 )
- Evening with you
( 2:32 )

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The hustle and bustle of the day is over.
On this warm summer night we sit on the verandah to the chirping of cicadas.


Snowdrifts in the moonlight,
As far as the eye can see, cold and bare,
Forever shifting and changing in the ceaseless wind.


Bright yellow water-lilies sitting alert on the shiny surface of dark motionless water.


Even in the noisy city there is silence.
On the periphery you may hear the honking of a horn.

Evening with You

In your presence the candles shine clearer and brighter.

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