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Richard Miles Jackman

- Blossoms in the Morning
( 1:12 )
- Seabed
( 1:21 )
- Running
( 1:04 )
- Dance-Song
( 1:48 )
- The Cobbler's Shop
( 0:59 )
- Sailing
( 0:58 )
- Silent Place
( 1:55 )
8 - Tunnel ( 1:26 )
- Tripod
( 2:30 )

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The present edition is a collection of pieces composed sporadically over a number of years. Each piece has its distinctive style and mood. The Cobblers Shop, for example, written in two part counterpoint, is reminiscent of a lively English folk song, whereas the sombre harmonies of Silent Place may be recognised as being distinctively impressionistic. Some of the present pieces were written specifically with the aspiring student in mind, in which case an attempt was made to produce music which sounds beautiful while avoiding unnecessary technical difficulties. Extensive use of the higher positions on the fingerboard has generally been avoided. On the other hand, Sailing and Tripod, musically both very simple, are played entirely in the fourth and fifth positions respectively and are intended to assist the student in learning the notes on the higher frets. Though these pieces are embraced by the title Impressions the performer may change their order or even omit some of them to suit his or her taste. The composer himself has recorded the first eight pieces in the present order. The ninth piece was subsequently added for this edition.

Great effort has been made to provide sensible fingerings for the left hand. Nevertheless, to avoid cluttering and a method of sight-reading whereby one is seduced into reading numbers rather than notes, fingerings have been omitted when they are obvious or can be inferred. In some cases they have been omitted when more than one good fingering solution is possible. The performer may then write in his or her individual fingering without having to cross anything out.

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